Is Year Round RV Insurance Necessary

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Is Year-Round RV Insurance Necessary

Many Iowa residents enjoy traveling around the state in their RV. However, it’s important to have protection. If you enjoy traveling around Iowa and the surrounding states in your RV, consider RV insurance benefits. RV insurance covers you if you are involved in a collision, and your vehicle suffers damages. You can add comprehensive coverage so that you are protected if your RV is stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if your RV causes damage to someone else’s property or if someone is injured while riding in your RV. As you research coverage, you’ll have to assess whether year-round coverage is the right fit.

Think about the harsh Iowa winters. During this time, you may not plan to use your RV and instead store it until the weather gets warmer. You can add storage coverage to your policy. This is especially beneficial if you keep your RV at a storage facility when you aren’t using it. There is a possibility that your RV may still suffer damages. Your RV may collide with another vehicle, or the facility may suffer damages, which indirectly impacts your RV.

Storage coverage protects your RV if the facility suffers fire or water damage. You also have to consider what happens if the weather starts to change earlier than expected. If you opt-out of coverage, you won’t be covered if you use your RV and something unexpected happens.

Aussie Agencies Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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Is an Iowa motorcycle insurance plan a necessity?

Anyone who lives in the Knoxville, IA area will want to own a vehicle to help them get around town and the rest of the state. One type of vehicle that can be fun to drive is a motorcycle. If you are going to get a motorcycle when you are here, you need to get insurance. There are a few reasons why this coverage is a necessity for any motorcycle owner. 

Insurance is Required to Drive Legally

You will need to get a motorcycle insurance plan if you want to use your motorcycle on a public road in Iowa. All motorists in Iowa, including those that want to operate a motorcycle, will need to maintain a proper motorcycle insurance plan at all times. This has to include carrying the minimum level of liability insurance to comply with the minimum state standards.

Insurance Protects Asset

You will also want to get a motorcycle insurance plan as it will be required if you want to protect your valuable asset. If you decide to purchase a motorcycle, it will be a big investment and purchase. The best way that you can protect this investment is with a full collision and comprehensive plan. This coverage will ensure you have coverage if your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in an accident. 

If you own a motorcycle and are in the Knoxville, IA area, you need to get proper insurance coverage. As you are looking for motorcycle insurance coverage, it would be a good idea to call Aussie Agencies. The team with Aussie Agencies understands the importance of having this type of protection. They will take a personalized approach to fully understand your insurance needs and ensure that you remain properly covered with a quality plan. 

Is Boat Insurance Needed in Iowa

Although the boat is not legally mandated in Iowa, the peace of mind offered by having the coverage is well worth the expense. With interest in boating and other water recreational activities increasing at record rates, it has never been more important to ensure that you have adequate protection for yourself, your property, your passengers, and third parties. Boat insurance may not be required in Iowa, but you must complete a Boater’s Education Certificate if you plan to be operating any watercraft.

Obtaining your boating license is easy with three options available:

  • online course
  • classroom
  • home study

Once you have successfully passed the course, you can operate a boat without restriction; however, if you plan to allow anyone else to drive, they must also complete the educational course. Additionally, any person between the ages of 12 to 18 who wants to operate a boat over 10 horsepower must have an Iowa Watercraft Safety Certificate.

Boat insurance not only protects your boats from an accident you cause, but it also includes under and uninsured coverage, which means that if you are hit by another vessel without insurance, you won’t be on the hook for the totality of the damages. Given that Iowa does not require boats to have insurance, many vessels will be uninsured, making it even more important that you have the appropriate coverage. 

When it comes to shopping for boat insurance, let the team at Aussie Agencies in Knoxville, IA assist. Our friendly and professional staff of insurance experts will help you sort through your options and pick the perfect boat insurance for your needs, so give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

What Is a Whole Life Insurance Policy?

When people have others, who depend on them, leaving them in the lurch after their death is not an option. The responsible action is to get a life insurance policy to protect everyone who may depend on your income. But what kind of life insurance policy should you try? One of the main types, whole life, is a popular choice for people of every demographic. If you’re interested in one of these policies, call us at Aussie Agencies in Knoxville, IA to talk with an agent. 

Whole Life

This type of insurance policy is called a whole life policy because once you take out a policy, it’s yours for the rest of your life. As long as you make your premium payments, it can’t be canceled by the insurance carrier. Many people like this type of policy for precisely this- they know it will be there for them for life. With premiums being paid, this coverage can last for decades, and the cost for premiums stays the same. Getting a policy when you’re older can be extremely expensive. However, you can lock in a lower rate by getting the policy earlier in life. 

The Cash Value

Another strong selling point is its cash value that builds up over time. This gives you ownership over some of the money that your policy makes in investments and interest so that you can borrow against it when you need to. This can help you to cover serious financial problems if they occur later.

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Do I need to carry collision and comprehensive coverage

Car insurance can be a little tricky to get right. So many terms, so little explanation. You need to have what is mandated by the state but is that really all you need? Having an independent insurance agent that you can trust to steer you in the right direction is important. Aussie Agencies in Knoxville, IA is well established in Central Iowa and can offer you choices regarding auto insurance carriers. 

In Iowa, the simple answer is you do not need to carry collision and comprehensive coverage unless you are mandated to do so by your lender or lessor. The state of Iowa only requires you to carry liability insurance in the basic amount of 20/40/15, $20.000 injury per person with a total of $40,000 for an accident, and $15,000 for damaged property. 

This is all well and good, and it protects you from the result of an at-fault accident. But what about your vehicle? If you have an accident, your vehicle’s damage can be anywhere from a mere scratch to total devastation. How will you cope with that? If you have collision insurance, you will have to pay a deductible, but after that, the insurance company will pay for the repair. If your vehicle is not salvageable, they will pay you the book value. 

Hazards other than a motor vehicle accident can damage your vehicle. Things like storms, lightning, vandalism, and theft. That is where comprehensive insurance comes in. Glass coverage is also included, and there is no deductible on the glass coverage. 

Whether you are looking for your first auto insurance policy or would like your current policy reviewed at Aussie Agencies, we can offer you the benefit of our experience. Come by our office in Knoxville, IA for a no-obligation quote, and let’s work together. 

What to Consider when Choosing Commercial Insurance Coverage?

There are many types of commercial insurance coverage in the market. However, all of them may not be necessary for your business. What may be necessary for one type of business may not be necessary for another type of business. That is why it is important to have a reputable insurance agent to help you make sure your business is properly covered.

Other than that, the following includes what you should consider when choosing commercial insurance coverage: 

Knowing the Main Types of Commercial Insurance Coverage

You first need to know at least the main types of commercial insurance: liability insurance, property insurance, worker’s compensation, and company owner’s property insurance. Commercial liability insurance is coverage for damages the company and/or its products caused a person. Property insurance covers the building where your business is located, but the company owner’s property insurance is coverage for your supplies, office furniture, and equipment. Worker’s compensation is coverage for your employees if they become injured at work or due to work. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is also needed.

This is for businesses with commercial vehicles. In which case, personal car insurance won’t work. 

Consider your Business Size

It is imperative to consider the square footage, the number of employees, such as fewer than 100 employees, more than 500 employees, and adequate insurance coverage. 

In Closing

You’ve worked hard to build your business. So, don’t let all your hard work go to waste due to unforeseeable, dreadful mishaps, which are eventually bound to happen. 

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Do I need home insurance in Iowa?

The Knoxville, IA area is a great community to call home. When you are here, there are a lot of professional opportunities and local amenities. If you are planning to move here, buying a home is a good idea. When you are looking for a new home to purchase, you should consider your insurance needs. There are several reasons why you will need to get a home insurance policy when you are in Iowa. 

Insurance is Needed to Provide Protection

The first reason that you need to get home insurance when you are in Iowa is that you can receive excellent protection. When you are adequately insured at all times, it can ensure that you are able to repair your home if it is ever damaged. Additionally, the coverage will give you personal liability protection. This will ensure that you are covered if an accident occurs and someone is injured on your property.

Lender Requirement

Most people in Iowa are going to take out a mortgage when they buy a home. Any mortgage lender is going to have rules and requirements that set forth your insurance obligations. It is vital that you understand these rules and can follow them. In some cases, you may also need to escrow for your payments each month. 

As you are looking for a home insurance policy in Iowa, it is essential that you ensure that you get the advice you need to make the right decision. For those in the Knoxville, IA area, a great company to contact is Aussie Agencies. When you contact Aussie Agencies, you can receive personalized guidance that can help you understand your needs and options and choose a policy that is right for your situation. 

Classic Car Insurance Can Help Protect Your Ride

Having a classic car can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re using it to drive around town, or you take it to car shows in the hope of winning prizes, it needs its own unique type and level of coverage. That’s why classic car insurance is so important to make sure you and your vehicle are adequately protected. At Aussie Agencies, we want all of our Knoxville, IA clients who have classic cars also to have peace of mind. The best way to get that is through the right coverage, and we’ll be here to help you find that. We’re happy to answer your questions, so you can enjoy your vehicle and not spend time worrying about whether it’s protected the way it should be.

Unlike a more standard car that’s manufactured in large quantities and commonly seen on the roads today, a classic car has unique insurance needs. There may not be many of them left anymore, and it may have been customized, as well. Because of that, it’s not replaceable in the same way a typical vehicle would be. Since that’s the case, it’s rare and needs the kind of protection that will thoroughly cover it if it’s damaged, stolen, or something else happens to it. With the right insurance, though, you can have that kind of coverage.

By reaching out to us at Aussie Agencies for your classic car insurance needs, you can get your questions answered by knowledgeable agents who want to help you protect your assets. If you’re in or around the Knoxville, IA area, we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right policy for your classic car. Depending on the kind of vehicle you have, the type and level of coverage you’ll need can vary. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about your insurance, and we’re here to help you do that.

A Look At Some Hidden Renters Insurance Facts

Aussie Agencies is an independent insurance agency that assists Iowa residents by helping them find coverage regardless of their needs. We have established successful partnerships with multiple insurance carriers, allowing us to assist our clients in Knoxville, IA, and surrounding communities.

Renter’s insurance covers you if your unit is damaged. If someone breaks into your unit and steals some of your belongings, your policy provides protection. Your policy also includes liability coverage so that you will be protected if someone is injured while visiting your property. Here is a look at some unique renter’s insurance facts that you may not be aware of.

Hidden Renters Insurance Facts

Pets Are Often Covered

You can amend your policy to protect you, and your pet if your pet attacks and injures someone. You may be able to include protection for your pet away from your rental unit when you travel to other places.

You Can Add Natural Disaster Coverage

In your original renter’s insurance policy, the rental unit may not be covered in the event that a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane causes damage. However, you can amend your policy to include natural disaster protection.

Landlord Insurance Does Not Fully Cover You

Many renters make the mistake of relying on their landlord’s insurance policy to cover them if a situation arises. Having a renter’s insurance policy is the only way that you can cover all of the items in your unit. You can also add coverage to protect your items at the rental property while you are on vacation.

Aussie Agencies Can Help

We recognize the importance of securing a valuable piece of property, such as your rental unit. Stop by our office in Knoxville, IA, and we will sit down with you and discuss your options so that you can get the coverage you need.

Do I need to get RV insurance?

When you live in the Knoxville, IA area, finding a way to tour the country and see all that it has to offer is a great way to spend a vacation. If you do enjoy going on long road trips and seeing all of the sights, getting an RV could be an excellent investment as it will give you a vehicle that can also be a place to sleep. Prior to purchasing and using an RV here, it is crucial to consider your insurance needs. There are several reasons why you may need an RV insurance policy.

Needed to Comply with State Laws

One reason why you will need to get an RV insurance policy is that it is required to comply with state laws. Those that use an RV in Iowa will need to meet the same state liability insurance requirements that any motorist needs to have. If you do not have this coverage when driving on a public road, you will be in violation of the law. 

Needed to Protect Asset

Similar to any other type of vehicle, buying an RV will come with a big purchase and investment. To ensure that your investment is adequately protected, you should get an RV insurance policy. With this coverage, you are going to receive protection if your RV is stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Further, any lender that takes your RV as collateral will require you to carry a full policy. 

Ultimately, getting an RV insurance policy is a necessity for anyone in the Knoxville, IA area. When you are going to purchase an RV here, you should contact Aussie Agencies to help you get into a new policy. The team at Aussie Agencies can help you to pick a policy that will provide you with the right coverage at all times.