A Look At Some Hidden Renters Insurance Facts

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Renter’s insurance covers you if your unit is damaged. If someone breaks into your unit and steals some of your belongings, your policy provides protection. Your policy also includes liability coverage so that you will be protected if someone is injured while visiting your property. Here is a look at some unique renter’s insurance facts that you may not be aware of.

Hidden Renters Insurance Facts

Pets Are Often Covered

You can amend your policy to protect you, and your pet if your pet attacks and injures someone. You may be able to include protection for your pet away from your rental unit when you travel to other places.

You Can Add Natural Disaster Coverage

In your original renter’s insurance policy, the rental unit may not be covered in the event that a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane causes damage. However, you can amend your policy to include natural disaster protection.

Landlord Insurance Does Not Fully Cover You

Many renters make the mistake of relying on their landlord’s insurance policy to cover them if a situation arises. Having a renter’s insurance policy is the only way that you can cover all of the items in your unit. You can also add coverage to protect your items at the rental property while you are on vacation.

Aussie Agencies Can Help

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