RV Insurance Myths Exposed

Aussie Agencies is an independent agency. We work with multiple carriers throughout Knoxville, IA, and other parts of the Midwest. This allows us to offer our clients flexible policies that align with their individual needs. We will consult with you and help you assess your personal situation. We are confident that we will help you obtain the coverage you need to protect your future.

RV Insurance Myths Exposed

Many residents enjoy spending time in their RV and exploring new adventures. If you are planning your next vacation in your RV, insurance provides a safety net. RV insurance covers your vehicle in multiple ways. Liability coverage is important. Liability coverage protects your vehicle if you accidentally damage someone’s property. Operating an RV comes with inherent risks. Accidents can occur at any moment. If you make a mistake, liability coverage will protect you. Liability coverage also protects you if someone gets injured on your RV. Comprehensive coverage protects your RV if you’re planning on going camping. You’re protected if your RV is stolen or damaged due to a natural disaster or fire. While looking over your policy, be aware of these common RV insurance myths.

Coverage Isn’t Necessary.

Many RV owners believe that coverage isn’t necessary. They mistakenly believe their RV is covered through their home or auto insurance policy. You only have minimal coverage through your home and auto insurance policies. For example, your home insurance only covers your RV if something happens while parked outside your home. If you plan on traveling out of Knoxville, IA, you need a separate policy.

My Accessories Are Automatically Covered

This is incorrect. While your personal items on the RV are covered, any accessories that you add to your RV are not automatically covered unless you amend your insurance policy.

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