Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete in Summer to Get Your Home Ready for the Winter Months

Here at Aussie Agencies, we help the greater Knoxville, IA area get the insurance products they need, such as home insurance. Home insurance can help cover certain types of damage to your home. However, insurance does not cover damage caused by homeowners’ neglect. As such, you need to maintain your home properly. Here are a few important tasks to complete in the summer months to prepare your home for winter. 

Get Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

You should have your residential roof inspected at least once a year. Getting it inspected during the summer months gives you time to get any repairs that may need to be completed before rain and snow starts to fall. 

Trim Your Trees Back

Another task that you should complete before winter is trimming your trees back. You always want to cut off dead growth and dead limbs, so a storm does not knock those limbs onto your home, car, or even a person below. 

Tend to Your Home’s Heating Appliance

It would help if you always tended to your home’s heating appliance during the summer. If you need to fill a propane or oil tank, do that before the winter. If you have a gas or electric heating unit, have it cleaned and inspected before winter. 

Prepare Your Fireplace

Lastly, take the time to get your fireplace ready for winter. Clean out your fireplace and have the chimney cleaned and inspected. This ensures it is functioning correctly and ready to go when you use it for the first time this winter. 

Completing these tasks during the summer can help ensure your home is ready to go in the winter. Now is also a great time to think about shopping around for a homeowner’s insurance policy. At Aussie Agencies, serving the Knoxville, IA area, we can help you find the right policy for your needs. Reach out to us today to get started.