Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete in Summer to Get Your Home Ready for the Winter Months

Here at Aussie Agencies, we help the greater Knoxville, IA area get the insurance products they need, such as home insurance. Home insurance can help cover certain types of damage to your home. However, insurance does not cover damage caused by homeowners’ neglect. As such, you need to maintain your home properly. Here are a few important tasks to complete in the summer months to prepare your home for winter. 

Get Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

You should have your residential roof inspected at least once a year. Getting it inspected during the summer months gives you time to get any repairs that may need to be completed before rain and snow starts to fall. 

Trim Your Trees Back

Another task that you should complete before winter is trimming your trees back. You always want to cut off dead growth and dead limbs, so a storm does not knock those limbs onto your home, car, or even a person below. 

Tend to Your Home’s Heating Appliance

It would help if you always tended to your home’s heating appliance during the summer. If you need to fill a propane or oil tank, do that before the winter. If you have a gas or electric heating unit, have it cleaned and inspected before winter. 

Prepare Your Fireplace

Lastly, take the time to get your fireplace ready for winter. Clean out your fireplace and have the chimney cleaned and inspected. This ensures it is functioning correctly and ready to go when you use it for the first time this winter. 

Completing these tasks during the summer can help ensure your home is ready to go in the winter. Now is also a great time to think about shopping around for a homeowner’s insurance policy. At Aussie Agencies, serving the Knoxville, IA area, we can help you find the right policy for your needs. Reach out to us today to get started. 

Can a Security System Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium in Knoxville, IA?

Home security systems are a great way to protect your home and family. Installing a security system can provide peace of mind and may also qualify you for a discount on your home insurance premium. You need to know how security systems affect your home insurance in Knoxville, IA.

Save Money and Protect Your Home Better

Most home insurance companies offer a discount for homes with a security system installed. The value is usually around 10-20% of your premium. Some insurers may even give you a higher discount if your system meets specific criteria, such as having a central monitoring station or being professionally installed.

Installing a home security system can also help you save money in other ways. For example, if your design includes a fire alarm, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy. And if your security system deters burglars and helps protect your belongings, you could save money on your deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs in a break-in.

Your Aussie Agencies representative can help you determine if installing a home security system makes sense for you and your family.

Consider Your Insurance Needs When Shopping for a Security System

When shopping for a home security system, it’s essential to consider your insurance needs. Some insurance companies may require that you have a professionally installed system to qualify for a discount. Others may not give a deal if you have a do-it-yourself (DIY) system.

If you’re unsure what your insurance company’s requirements are, contact them and ask about their policy on home security systems. You should also find out if your insurer has any recommendations on security system providers.

Once you know what type of system you need, you can start shopping around. Your Aussie Agencies representative can help you learn more about the different discounts available for your Knoxville, IA policy.

Iowa Home Insurance: Are Your Outer Buildings and Sheds Covered?

Home insurance is intended to protect your most valuable possessions and dreams. That includes all the dreams contained on your property. When you are looking for home insurance in Knoxville, IA, it is natural to wonder if your outer buildings and sheds are covered as well.

Yes, they are, if you get the right coverage. At Aussie Agencies, we know that Iowa residents worry about every valuable they own. We can help you to design a home insurance policy that will protect everything you own.

Home Insurance for Outer Buildings

Outer buildings on your property can include any building or shelter that is an additional building. A detached structure can include sheds, a detached garage, gazebos, or even a little pool house if you have a pool on your property.

You may have additional concerns beyond your standard home insurance coverage when you have outer buildings. You may work from home and need your garage or outer buildings protected for more detailed reasons. You may benefit from some commercial insurance in addition to your home insurance.

It is never safe to assume that just because you have home insurance that your outer buildings and all of their contents are always covered. Review these details with your insurance broker or agent before you purchase your policy.

Protect Your Valuables

Your outer buildings and sheds may not be valued as high as the home you live in, but some of their contents might. Many people store their most valuable tools, vehicles, and property in these outer buildings.

Before you purchase a home insurance policy to cover your outer buildings, develop a home inventory to itemize all the contents and property in your sheds and detached structures.

Get a Quote

When you are shopping for home insurance in Knoxville, IA, Aussie Agencies knows how important all of your outer buildings and contents are to you. This is your dream, and want to help you to protect it. Call us today for a quote for home insurance that includes your outer buildings.

4 Benefits of Home Insurance

Many homeowners assume that subscribing to home insurance is a choice, but in the real sense, it should be an absolute necessity. This type of insurance coverage gives you peace of mind and saves you a significant amount in the long haul. Aussie Agencies in Knoxville, IA, advise you to purchase homeowners insurance as it helps to prepare you for any unexpected perils. 

Here are the benefits you accrue when you invest in home insurance:

Additional living expense coverage

In unfortunate events where a covered peril strikes your home, you may be rendered homeless, albeit temporarily. In such instances, homeowner’s insurance comes in to ensure you have another temporary residence to stay in as you repair your damaged home. 

Liability protection

No matter where you live, you like inviting guests to your home. Whether it’s your close friends, relatives, workmates, and so forth, you have the mandate to ensure they are 100% safe at your property. 

Unfortunately, unforeseen events can cause injuries to someone – for example, your dog can bite your friends. How would you meet medical bills, considering they could be huge? Only home insurance can help.

Dwelling protection

When a covered peril damages your home, your home insurance pays for the costs of rebuilding or repairing. Otherwise, such costs can be expensive when financing from your pocket. 

Content protection

You have appliances, furniture, electronics, and other valuable personal properties in your home. In unfortunate events like fire damage, losing them would cost you huge financial losses. Thanks to homeowner’s insurance, you don’t have to buy your stuff from scratch when calamities occur.

Buy home insurance today!

Your home is an expensive venture that you should protect with home insurance as long as you want to live a stress-free life. If you haven’t done so yet, please contact Aussie Agencies in Knoxville, IA for affordable coverage.  

Do I need home insurance in Iowa?

The Knoxville, IA area is a great community to call home. When you are here, there are a lot of professional opportunities and local amenities. If you are planning to move here, buying a home is a good idea. When you are looking for a new home to purchase, you should consider your insurance needs. There are several reasons why you will need to get a home insurance policy when you are in Iowa. 

Insurance is Needed to Provide Protection

The first reason that you need to get home insurance when you are in Iowa is that you can receive excellent protection. When you are adequately insured at all times, it can ensure that you are able to repair your home if it is ever damaged. Additionally, the coverage will give you personal liability protection. This will ensure that you are covered if an accident occurs and someone is injured on your property.

Lender Requirement

Most people in Iowa are going to take out a mortgage when they buy a home. Any mortgage lender is going to have rules and requirements that set forth your insurance obligations. It is vital that you understand these rules and can follow them. In some cases, you may also need to escrow for your payments each month. 

As you are looking for a home insurance policy in Iowa, it is essential that you ensure that you get the advice you need to make the right decision. For those in the Knoxville, IA area, a great company to contact is Aussie Agencies. When you contact Aussie Agencies, you can receive personalized guidance that can help you understand your needs and options and choose a policy that is right for your situation. 

Does Iowa Home Insurance Cover Guest Injuries

Buying and living in your own home is a gratifying experience as you are investing and securing a property for the whole of your household. However, when you own your home, you also take on certain risks as well as rewards, and one of those risks is being held responsible for any injuries that happen on your property. As such, it’s a good idea to understand what type of injuries are and are not covered by your Aussie Agencies home insurance policy in Knoxville, IA.

Guest vs. Family Medical Protection vs. Personal Liability

When you own a home, you take on the risks associated with that home, including the risks that happen when someone gets injured in your home. The bad news is if that someone is someone who lives in your home, i.e., your child or a live-in grandparent. Your home insurance policy typically won’t cover any medical injuries, and instead, you will have to work with your personal medical insurance. When living in a home, you accept the general risks like slipping and falling.

The good news is that your home insurance policy through Aussie Agencies will generally include what is known as guest medical coverage, which will cover injuries sustained by those who do not live in your home. For example, if a visiting relative or even working professional slips and falls in your home, then guest medical insurance will immediately kick in to cover their medical bills. Note, guest medical is a different type of coverage than personal liability, although both can be included in your home insurance policy. Personal liability will typically cover higher amounts and will consist of legal representation should you be sued as a result of a guest’s injury. 

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