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Recreational Insurance in Iowa

How much fun is it to get inside your camper and drive out to the desert or park by a lake for an extended weekend. Usually, the majority of your time is spent driving ATVs or other recreational vehicles. Unfortunately, those who have an active lifestyle sometimes fail to hold any form of recreational insurance because of their lack of knowledge of the coverage offered. Many believe their recreational vehicles fall under the category of homeowners or auto insurance.

Let's get you up to speed on recreational insurance, so you have the right coverage on your recreational vehicles or fun rides.

What You Need to Know About Recreational Insurance

First off, you have the option of adding your recreational vehicles and campers to your existing auto insurance policy, but that wouldn't be recommended by the agents of Aussie Agencies in Knoxville, IA. This is especially true in the case of your RV as campers are considered both a home and vehicle simultaneously. Thus, it's better to have insurance that provides the right coverage.

The policy should include collision or comprehensive coverage as this protects your own safety and personal property. Iowa law requires minimum liability coverage that compensates for bodily injury or death of a person if you were responsible for the accident. Comprehensive coverage will help pay for damages in case of a non-collision accident, such as fire or theft. ATVs and snowmobiles are ripe for liability issues


The Difference Between Full-Time or Part-Time Recreational Insurance

Before purchasing recreational insurance, you have to decide if you're going to use your recreational vehicles year-round. Living in Iowa for 12 months, it might be wiser to have part-time recreational insurance coverage. Still, part-time insurers will have to include some form of storage coverage with their recreational insurance policy. At the same time, you can suspend certain coverages like liability and collision during this period. Although all policies will vary, part-time recreational insurance will still cover your off-road vehicles from fire, theft, and other damages.

Aussie Agencies of Knoxville, IA understands your active lifestyle and desire to protect your recreational vehicles. Speak with one of our knowledgeable agents about recreational insurance and find help when choosing the right coverage for your off-road vehicles.

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